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The ingenious concept of the roll belt system combines optimal positioning in complete safety with firm but comfortable

support which respects the immobilised person. This bracing device leaves the patient considerable freedom of movement

while preventing them from falling or getting up hastily.


The roll belt system presents a wide range of uses thanks to the complementary accessories to be arranged together or

used independently: the whole is completely modular according to the needs of the patient.


The immobilisation can thus be partial or total; it will be based on the assessment made by the nursing staff of the relevance

of bracing. The addition of lateral straps, reinforcements for the shoulders, wrists, etc. allows the degree of immobilisation to

be increased





Without Lock


RFB10115 Small Medium 60x110 cm pc

RFB10140 Large 85x135 cm pc

With 3 (Magnet) locks + 1 key

RFB10115M Small Medium 60x110 cm kit

RFB10140M Large 85x135 cm kit

With 3 (Steel) locks + 1 key

RFB10115RLSmall Medium 60x110 cm kit

RFB10140RLLarge 85x135 cm kit



Without Lock, use of roll belt locks

RFP22000     universal size           pc

The pelvic belt used in conjunction with the roll belt prevents the patient from sliding to the foot of the bed and thus


provides additional security: it prevents them from becoming caught in the strap and choking while trying to free themselves.

Accessories for Roll Belt



Without lock

RFY21000 Small Medium pc

RFY21500Large pc

With 2 (Magnet) locks

RFY21000MSmall Medium kit

RFY21500MLarge kit

With 2 (steel) locks

RFY21000RL Small Medium kit

RFY21500RLLarge kit

The shoulder belt combined with the roll belt stabilises the patient who might have a tendency to sit up in bed to try

and free themselves from their straps.


Immobilisation with the shoulder belt may be reinforced thanks to blocking straps which prevent the patient from

sitting up by holding the torso against the mattress. When the bed-head does not allow any straps to be attached, the

multi-function belt (RFM23000) will be used.




Without lock

RFE24500                 length 80 cm                pc

With 2 (Magnet) locks

RFE24500M             length 80 cm                 kit

With 2 (Steel) locks

RFE24500RL           length 80 cm                 kit

Used together with the Shoulder Belt




Without lock

RFW16100                Universal Size              pair

With 2 (Magnet) locks

RFW16100M            Universal Size               kit

With 2 (Steel) locks

RFW16100RL          Universal Size               kit

This accessory combined with the roll belt allows the arms to be effectively immobilised down the side of the body.








Without lock

RFM23000 One size pc

With 2 (Magnet) locks

RFM23000M One size kit

With 2 (Steel) locks

RFM23000RL One size kit



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