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Specialised Carts


 ABS Record Clip Cart 25's             ABS Record Clip Cart 50's                   Stainless Steel Record Clip Trolley 50's


Features :                                                   Size:  755X410X910mm

ABS Frame                                                 ABS Frame                                                                 Stainless Steel Frame        

1 drawer                                                                                                                                        2 drawers                         

25 Clip File Holdetrs                                     50 Clip File Holders                                                     50 Clip File Holders

4 Castors                                                    4 castors                                                                    4 castors

With lock                                                    With lock                                                                    With lock




Medication Cart - Taiwan



Size             : L630 x W590 x H1010 mm

Platform size  : L570 x W540 mm


- Framework is made of Powder Coated Steel 
-  Cover is made of plastic plate 
-  Drawer are made of plastic 
-  Platform is made of plastic 
-  5"plastic dust-proof casters (2 Lockable)


No of Patient Drawers : 24, 36, or 48 





Large Capacity Double Face Medication Cart (90 to 100 medication bins) - Taiwan




                                                                                                       Customisable Options for Drawers                              Medication drawer


Features :

  • Iron Sheet with epoxy coating
  • 4 anodised alumnium support frames
  • Ball bearing slider
  • 2 central key lock function at both sides
  • PP top and bottom structure
  • 4" x1" TPR castors w/brakes for medical use
  • 3" divider drawers x 9 rows (as pictured)
        90pcs (5 per row x 9 rows x 2 sides) 
        bin size:(L 215 x W 112.8 x H 75.2 mm
  • Ability to customise drawers or bins as required
  • LIst of extensive attachment options as indicated in the accessories section

Accessories :


Catheter Holder         Waste Bin w cover          Sharps Containment        Glove Box Holder           Multi-storage Rails


Dividers for Drawers





Emergency Cart _ Taiwan




Size                  : L630 x W590 x H1010mm

Platform size : L570 x W540mm


Frame :
- Framework is made of Powder Coated Steel
- Cover is made of plastic plate
- Drawer are made of plastic
- Platform is made of plastic
- 5"plastic dust-proof casters (2 Lockable)


Description :
- Cart frame is made of plastic, so easy moving
- The handle is made of PU plastic
- Partition plate of drawer can adjustable space
- The drawer design not noise and easy control
- The drawer are anti-slide by moving cart
- The witting plate is made of ABS plastic
- Option lock
- Option PU plastic first-aid plate





Mix Emeregncy / Crash Cart Series - Taiwan




The MIX Emergency/Crash Cartis designed with the input of emergency room personnel to assure the ultimate in convenie ry emergency response. The Breakaway lock offer the security you require and the stable mobility built-in to the whole lines. The exchangeable accessories line enhance user the performance.


Cart Model Options


MX28EMG                           MX31EMG                          MX34EMG                           MX37EMG
Cart Specifications
Item NO W D H w/o Casters
mm inch mm inch mm inch mm inch
MX37EMG            690     27-1/8         518        20-3/8          1085         45-11/16          951         37-7/16
MX34EMG        690     27-1/8         518        20-3/8          1006         39-5/6          872         37-7/16
MX31EMG        690     27-1/8         518        20-3/8            927         36-2/1          793         31-3/16
MX28EMG        690     27-1/8         518        20-3/8            848         33-8/3          714         28-1/8
Drawer Specification
Item NO W D H w/o Casters
mm inch mm inch mm inch mm inch
MX37EMG        690      27-1/8         518         20-3/8          1085         45-11/16          951         37-7/16
MX34EMG        690      27-1/8         518         20-3/8          1006         39-5/6          872         37-7/16
MX31EMG        690      27-1/8         518         20-3/8            927         36-2/1          793         31-3/16
MX28EMG        690      27-1/8         518         20-3/8            848         33-8/3          714         28-1/8



Defibrillator Stand                             Oxygen Tank Holder                              CPR Board                                          Clear Top Mat


Sharps Container Set                       IV Pole                                                      External Power Strip Holder           Waste Container Set w Lid

Also available :

  • Bottle Holder
  • Multi Storage (L)
  • Multi Storage (S)


Trident now offers a seamless online payment option for all purchases made both locally and internationally. For select items where margins are too low to absorb credit card charges, eg milk feeds and diapers, a 4% charge will be levied to offset bank charges. So select the items you want and send us an email to verify stock availaibility upon which we will process an online payment transaction for you to pay online. Once through, normally within the same day, the goods wll be sent out to you immediately. Email us at

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