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Motorised Beds

Economy Motorised Bed

Specification :

                                  Overall length approx 2050 mm                                                                         Frame : steel powder coated
                                  Overall width approx 960 mm (Side rails Up)                                                  4 section Sleeping surface board are made of ABS plastic
                                  Overall height approx 450 - 760 mm                                                                 Removable Head board / Foot board are made of ABS plastic

                                  Sleeping surface size :L2000 x W900 mm                                                       

                                  Functions :

                                  Back-rest lifting 80                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Knee-rest lifting 40                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
                                  5 Lockable Castor                               

Joson Basic Motorised Bed

                                     Specification :

                                     Overall size L2100xW980mm                                                                              Frame : steel powder coated
                                     Sleeping surface size :L1940xW850mm                                                          4 section Sleeping surface board are made of ABS plastic
                                     Sleeping surface height :H400~700mm                                                           Removable Head board / Foot board are made of ABS plastic

                                     Functions :

                                    Back-rest lifting 80                                                                                               Handle Control Box
                                    Knee-rest lifting 35                                                                                              Back and knee together moving function

                                    High-quality low voltage DC actuator system 3 motors.                               5 Lockable Castors        

                                   Option :

                                   Two Section I.V. Pole                                                                                           Adjustable Dining Board
                                   Handle Control box                                                                                              5 Dust-proof  Lockable Castors
                                   Central locking system

                                                                        Joson Deluxe (5 Function) Motorised Bed

                                  Specification :

                                  Overall length L2250                                                                                                     Frame : steel powder coated
                                  Overall wide W1100 mm (Side rails Up)                                                                  4 section Sleeping surface board are made of ABS plastic
                                  Overall wide W960mm (over bump)                                                                          Removable Head board / Foot board are made of ABS plastic

                                  Sleeping surface size :L2020 x W925 mm                                                               Sleeping surface height :H480~780mm

                                  Functions :

                                  Back-rest lifting 75                                                                                                      Back and knee together moving function
                                  Knee-rest lifting 22                                                                                                     One button Bed Trendelenburg & Rev. Trendelenburg 0~11
                                  Chair positioning capability                                                                                        Back-rest one electrical release facilities CPR 
                                 High-quality low voltage DC actuator system 3 motors.                                        Attendant Control Panel (ACP) - shown (lockout patient controls)
                                 4-step ABS plastic collapsible side rail                                                                    5 Lockable Castors

                                 Options :

                                 Two Section I.V. Pole                                                                                                    X-ray photo of cassette can insert into back Sleeping surface board
                                 5 Dust-proof  Lockable Castors (shown)                                                               Central locking system

                                 Weight Scale Function : 1.loading rate 0~300kg with LCD monitor (shown)




Trident now offers a seamless online payment option for all purchases made both locally and internationally. For select items where margins are too low to absorb credit card charges, eg milk feeds and diapers, a 4% charge will be levied to offset bank charges. So select the items you want and send us an email to verify stock availaibility upon which we will process an online payment transaction for you to pay online. Once through, normally within the same day, the goods wll be sent out to you immediately. Email us at

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