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Positioning Products


Chair Positioning Cushions





RCV 05100 - Standard Cushion   

42 x 42 cm (memory foam)


The standard cushion enables support in the seat area to be reduced. Sensitive to bodily pressure, the foam memorises

the anatomical shape of its user. It constantly adapts to movements and change in position. For use by all, this cushion offers a wide range of applications. Surface cleaning. Comes with machine washable PU cover.



RCV 06200 - Inclined Cushion       Limit Forward Sliding

42 x 42 cm (memory foam)


For use in one direction only, this cushion limits the forqard sliding of the person. The memory foam

gently moulds to the curve of the buttons and legs to relieve pressure points. Surface cleaning. Comes with machine washable PU cover.





RCV 06200 - Abduction Cushion     No Forward Sliding

42 x 42 cm (memory foam)


As well as having all the advantages of the inclined cushion, this one has an abduction pad. Ideal

and comfortable, it prevents the effects of “pitching” and stops the patient sliding forward. Surface

cleaning. This cushion comes with a machine washable PU cover (RCV07399)





RCF 50025 - Armrest Cushion

one size


The armrest cushion reduces rubbing and pressure on the sides. It provides ideal support fr the arms.

Machine washable.




RCF 40300 - Open Cushion

one size


Cotton PU front, cotton back, stuffed with silicone fibres.

Machine washable 60o.




RCF 40300 - Toilet

42x42 cm


This ergonomically shaped cushion relieves pressure points in the seat area and offers unrivalled comfort for use in wheeled commode chairs. Hygienic cleanliness certified by machine-washing at 60°.


For attachment to chairs, the RENOL med range of cushions, made from polystyrene microbeads, boosts comfort thanks to the massage effect created by the rolling of the tiny spheres.These fine-grain microbeads evenly spread the pressures exerted by bodily movements.The cover is made from PU.


Universal Table





RCT 30100 - Wheelchair Table

62 x 34 cm                                               set


Fixed to the armrests and back of the chair. The table acts as an added protection against

fall prevention. It folds down to the side to allow patient to be transferred easily from the chair.


Table comes with a machine washable PU cover



Restraint Shoes



RCS 10045 Restraint Shoes     (pair)

Universal Size


Equipped with a non-slip sole. Prevents slippage on footrest and on the floor. Two velcro systems allow

the show to be supported both on the plate of the footrest and on its bar. Soft comfortable and easy to slip-on.

Also protects against shocks.


Allows surface cleaning 


Wheelchair Positioning Belts




Self Release Waist Belt «RENOL CLIP» :


RFC30095 Small 60x90 cm pc

RFC30115 Medium 70x110 cm pc

RFC30135 Large 90x130 cm pc

Intended for people whose mobility is only slightly reduced, it simply surrounds the waist, offering optimal safety.

Machine washable




RFC35095 Small 60x90 cm pc

RFC35115 Medium 70x110 cm pc

RFC35135 Large 90x130 cm pc

The width of this belt reduces pressure and lessens any crushing feeling.

Machine washable.



One Size                     pc

Ideal for people with a tendency to “relax” forwards, it allows an upright posture by supporting the torso and shoulders.

With the use of the self-release vest, we recommend using an abduction cushion (RCV07300) (page 16) or a quick belt

(RFL40000 or RFL45000) (page 35) to avoid any slidingforwards and the possible choking of the patient


Machine washable.



Bed Positioning Accessories and Protective Barriers



RCP09145 40X153 cm (pair)

RCP09195 40X190 cm (pair)

The side rails protectors attach to the barriers with the help of eight buckle fasteners (four perprotector).

They protect from shocks against the barriers and enable the patient to be prevented fromtrapping a limb.

The dense, compact silicon fibres ensure maximum anti-shock protection.


The PU cover is surface washable.





Universal size (pair)


Because of their triangular shape, the distinctive feature of the 90 cm long soft side rails protectors is to

further “trap” the person in the bed by limiting their movements. Made of highly resilient high density foam,

these protectors effectively shield against shocks against the barriers during sudden movements. They

attach to the barriers with the help of four buckle fasteners (two per protector).


They are equipped with a removable PU cover, machine washable (RCP30099).


Bed - Abdominal Positioning Belt



The easy comfort keeps the patient on the bed in perfect safety, given them considerable freedom of

movement for their comfort. This belt allows the patient to position themselves on their sides or to sit up

in bed while being sufficiently secured to exclude the possibility of falling. The width of the belt reduces

pressure by spreading it around the waist and lessens “crushing” feelings.


Easy to use, it does not require a lock.


RFB55095 Small 60x90 cm pc

RFB55115 Medium 70x110 cm pc

RFB55135 Large 90x130 cm pc




The easy belt, not as wide, keeps the patient perfectly on the bed in a dorsal decubitus position (it does not

allow them to position themselves laterally). However, it has the particular advantage  of being fitted with a

one fixed and two removable handles, which makes it perfect for supporting the person while being transferred

from one place to another or during walking physiotherapy. It does not require any locking system.


Waist belt with side straps

RFB52095 Small 60x90 cm set

RFB52115 Medium 70x110 cm set

RFB52135 Large 90x130 cm set

Waist belt without side straps

RFB51095 Small 60x90 cm pc

RFB51115 Medium 70x110 cm pc

RFB51135 Large 90x130 cm pc






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