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                                                Specialised Beds

                                                                                             The KinetibedTM

                                                                                 Singapore's first automatic turning bed 


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Kinetic Therapy is defined as the bilateral turning of a patient from side to side with at least a 40o turning angle.


It is used in the management of pulmonary complications associated with ARDS, Pneumonia and atelectasis.


These complications typically increase the length of hospital / ICU stay, increase mortality rate as well as cause


a burdensome cost to both the system and patent. Commonly, these conditions may arise through weakness of the


individual's immune system, poor respiratory function, immobility leading to collection of lung


fluids, infection, compromised heart/lung function or a combination of these factors, to name a few.



The KinetibedTM is set to offer a new paradigm in cost effective treatment with kinetic therapy.



Trident offers institutions and patients alike, the benefit of purchasing a Kinetic bed for a fraction of the cost that it


used to be. Almost the same cost of an effective antibedore system, the Kinetibed offers far more clinical functionality


and comfort to the patient than a bedsore mattress.


Also, for short term users who may be convalescing from heart or lung surgery / treatment or just recovering from a


bout of pulmonary disease like pneumonia, rentals of the KinetibedTM may help them recover faster by reducing the


risk of relapses of such pulmonary complications.


  • 40o rotation angle (minimum angle for effective kinetic therapy)            
  • Fully automated turning at user detertmined preset frequency
  • Non-stop turning or predetermined duratuon of turning
  • Advanced programmeable turning cycle (as often as every 5 minutes)


  • More efficient and less labour intensive turning protocols (especially spinal injured)
  • Reduced incidence of pressure sores (negates need for pressure sore mattresses)
  • Improved neurosensory stimulation of the neurologically compromised                       
  • Improved respiratory function (critical functionality)
    • Reduced incidence of actelectasis and pneumonia
    • Reduced perod of intubation and ICU stay


  • Less labour requirement in ward or home setting
  • Safer turning of compromised patients with less pain and injury possibility
  • More efficient turning than humanly possible (more frequent and through the night)
  • Improved staff welfare and retention amongst nursing staff
  • Reduced need and cost of pressure sore managment systems
  • Reduced patient demand on advanced institutional care and therefore better healthcare cost management                         
  • Superior clinical outcome eg reduced pneumonia fatality (enhancing healthcare service standards)

Clinical Evidence Links

Clinically Proven, Cost-Effective Therapy


Kinetic Therapy™: Chest X-ray prior to initiation of Kinetic Therapy & 24 hours after treatment *

Based on individual case study (Henbest, M. BioDyne™ aids in Treatment of Atelectasis. Kinetic Therapy™ Case Study #6, 1988; 15-D-108:

1.) Results are not a guarantee of individual patient outcomes.  Individual results may vary based on patient and facility conditions and circumstances..

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New bed with 2 yr warranty and 20% buy back guarantee within 5 yrs of purchase : $15,000

Rental : $1000 for the first 10 days (min period) followed by $100 per day subsequently. Alternately, $2000 per month. Refundable deposit $5000 and tpt @ $200 per trip.


                                                                Chair Position Bed




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