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Wheelchair Supports

Evolution Belts

The evolution range has been designed in terylene (synthetic material) reinforced with polyester that is flexible but thick,

soft and non-irritating on contact with the skin.


The set consists of a base element and two additional belts: the waist belt is accompanied by a pelvic belt and/or shoulder belt.


This range therefore has the special characteristic of changing to follow the physical evolution of the patient and the risks of

falling to which they are exposed.


The belts adapt readily to any type of wheelchair or geriatric chair; the length of the straps can be adjusted as required.





RFC25100      Universal size                pc                                           RFC25200      Universal size                pc


The base element of the range, the waist belt can be                       Used in tandem with the waist belt (RFC25100), the pelvic

used alone. It is suitable for people who are not very                        “accessory belt”. Holds the patient even further down on the 

restless or whose mobility is only slightly impaired.                           bottom of their seat,thereby preventing them from sliding

it therefore provides safety for patients whose risk of                       forwards. It attaches to the abdominal  by means of a buckle

falling remains low.                                                                                system protected by a pocket                                                                         



EVOLUTION SHOULDER BELT«RENOL CLIP»                                                                   

RFC25300      Universal size                pc


The shoulder belt is only used with the waist belt (RFC25100) and attaches to this by means of a buckle protected by a pocket.

The whole perfectly immobilises the torso and shoulders andguarantees an upright posture for any person with a tendency to

“relax” forwards. We strongly recommend the use of the waist-shoulder set with a RENOL foam abduction cushion (RCV07300)

or a quick belt. ( RFL40000 or RFL 45000) to prevent the patient form sliding forwards and risking being strangled or choked by

the straps.



Soft Belts


The soft series of straps proposes five belts that can be used separately. These are attached to the back of the wheelchair or

geriatric chair by a simple system of buckles. Consisting of a terylene cover that is soft on contact with the skin and non-irritating,

they are stuffed with polyester of a thick, soft consistency.







RFC26000      Universal size                pc                                     RFC26100      Universal size                     pc


This strap simply holds the waist by attaching behind                 The principle of the waist belt is the same as that of the waist

the back of the seat by means of a buckle. Basically, it              strap (RFC26000) but because it is broader, it reduces the  

protects against possible sliding and is intended for                  crushing feeling and provides greater comfort.

people who are not very restless. It will tend to be used

for short transfers in a chair when the possibilities of

falling are minimal.





SOFT WAIST AND PELVIC BELT «RENOL CLIP»              SOFT WAIST AND SHOULDER BELT «RENOL CLIP»                                          

RFC26200      Universal size                pc                                     RFC26300      Universal size                pc                                    


The waist and pelvic belt fits between the legs and                    The model attaches to the back of the chair with 2 buckles.

around the waist. It attaches to the back and frame                    The waist and the shoulder belt holds the user's torso upright,

of the chair thanks to a system of 2 buckles. The belt                 preventing them from tipping forward. With the use of the waist

provides additional security since it rules out the                        and shoulder belt, we recommend the use of an abduction

possibility of patient sliding forwards on the seat.                       cushion or a quick belt to avoid possibly strangling the patient

                                                                                                           who might slide forwards out of the chair.





SOFT WAIST PELVIC AND SHOULDER BELT «RENOL CLIP»                                                       

RFC26400      Universal size                pc                                    


A combination of the three previous models, the waist-pelvic-shoulder concept offers all their advantages in one :

It prevents the patinet from sliding onto their side, tipping and falling out of the chair. It keeps the torso perfectly

upright and offers optimal security. It attaches to the frame of the chair and behind the back by a system of 3 buckles. 



Quick Legs Immobilisation

The quick belt models, quick and easy to use, allow the legs to be immobilised to prevent the patient sliding to the

front of the chair.


Any feeling of pressure is removed thanks to the terylene being stuffed with a thick high-density polyurethane foam.

The belts attach behind the back by means of a buckle.




                            Double                                                                                                                     Single



QUICK RESTRAINT LEGS «RENOL CLIP»                      QUICK RESTRAINT LEGS «RENOL CLIP»                                          

RFL 40000 - Double Buckle     Universal size     pc                  RFC45000     Single Buckle      Universal size                pc                                    


Used when the back and seat are adjoining.                             Used when the chair has a separate seat and backrest.

Double system of fastening to the seat by buckles.                   A single buckle fastening to the seat.



Safety Belts

The abdominal belts of the safety range are distinguished by surrounding the waist completely. In this way they

increase the safety of sitting in the chair by completely removing any risk of sliding out of the chair.


The concept allows the belt to be left permanently attached to the chair. Speed of use is therefore guaranteed:

simply sit the patient down and secure them by placing the belt around their waist.


SAFETY WAIST BELT «RENOL CLIP»                              SAFETY COMFORT WAIST BELT«RENOL CLIP»                                          


RFC40115Small Medium 60x110 cm             pc                 RFC45115Small Medium 60x110 cm            pc

RFC40135 Large 90x130 cm                              pc                 RFC41135Large 90x130 cm                             pc

A first buckle serves to attach the system to the chair,              This other model offers greater comfort due to the width

the second closes the strap which holds the patient in              of the strap. The pressure points are spread out further

position.                                                                                           and the "crushing" feeling us reduced. 





SAFETY PELVIC BELT «RENOL CLIP»                            SAFETY SHOULDER BELT «RENOL CLIP»                                                  

RFC 51000      Universal size                pc                                   RFC 52000      Universal size                pc            


Used in conjunction with one of the two safety abdominal         The safety shoulder belt holds the patinet's torso 

belt modelsm the safety pelvic belt offers additional safety       securely in place against the back of the chair.

and comfort to completely prevent the patient falling                  Used with safetly waist belts. With the use of this

forwards. It attaches to the safety waist belt or the safety          belt, we recommend an abduction cushion or a

waist comfort belt by a velcro system. The whole things            quick belt to avoid "strangling" the patinet who

remains attached to the frame of the chair by means of            might slide forwards out of the chair.

buckles.                                                                                           Cannot be used with the pelvic belt RFC51000.



The safety jacket completely surrounds the waist. It represents an effective solution for people with a tendency to

lose their lateral balance and tip forwards.




RFC70100Small 60x90 cm pc

RFC70115Medium 85x105 cm pc

RFC70135 Large 105x130 cm pc

The jacket mofel is put on like a traditional jacket. It is therefore very quick to use and perfectly effective for people with

tendencies to lose their lateral balance. With the use of this jacket, we recommend the use of an abduction cushion or a

quick belt to prevent the patient slidng forwards and being sangled by the strap.  .

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