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Thermal Imaging Systems

Be aware that most thermal imaging systems are generally used in an industrial setting. Such thermal imagers are generally less sensitive and may have a + 2oC variation. This is unacceptable in a detecting fevers because the human body is considered febrile with as low as a 1oC elevation in temperature. Prices of such systems are generally much less because of their technical incomptabilities. Please look through the technical specifications carefully before deciding on your thermal imaging solution.

Please also note the difference between senistitivity and accuracy. Beware of systems that give details on sensitivity without mention of accuracy.

Trident offers turnkey solutions for the systems mentioned below and they all come with imaging cameras, cables and visual screens. Note the advanced models will also come with a computer system that captures and saves data of screened individuals for identification and contact tracing purposes.

Basic Thermal Imaging System  - RS TE W (For smaller enterprises) 

The basic system consists of a non-medical specific system but which provides acceptable accuracy which is sufficient for basic screening of individuals in a smaller business, offices or schools. It will help detect elevated temperatures in individuals and they should then be sidelined for a more thorough screening by a clinical themometer, ear or forehead scan.





Technical Specifications : Click images separately to see full size.


 Advanced Thermal Imaging System


EIRI-M1 - China (Click images for larger vew) - System with specialised medical technology software for human fever detection 



Cantronic - Feverscan M3000D from Canada (click images for larger view)







The Cantronic system is a highly accredited medical turnkey solution. Utilised in more than 30 countries around the world, it is also ahighly competitively priced system that offers the clients a highly specialised medical system to allow data capture and archival that allows more efficient contact tracing.  


Both the advanced systems are ideal for more crowded places wher human traffic may be higher. 


Usage Areas of Thermal Imaging Systems 

  • Schools, colleges, polytechnics, universities, private schools, etc
  • Public buildings with sizeable human traffic
  • Hospitals and other medical concerns
  • Government buildings and offices
  • Immigration departments and border checkpoints
  • Entertainment complexes
  • Shopping Centres and complexes
  • Tourist attractions like the zoo, bird park etc
  • Cinemas
  • Army Camps, police stations, SCDF stations
  • Manufacturing plants and factories
  • Bus and MRT Stations, ferry terminals, airports etc 

The advantage of thermal imaging systems help reduce manpower need and costs by offering fast and efficient screening. The upfront cost is mitigated by the reduction in consumable expenditure like thermometer probes and reduced staff required for the process. It also enhances the work efficiency of the general population as they are screened much faster and with little delay at the screening points which traditionally see long queues with ear or forehead individualised scanning processes.


We also offer a daily rate on rentals of the basic system which includes setup and training and transportation. Subject to availability.


For a quote on the systems above, pls email : 

Please include full details on your contact information including telephone, the organisation you represent and your anticipated needs.

We will respond to you as soon as we can.


Alternately, call 62887723and speak to Manoj.  












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